simple floor mat: tutorial

Here’s a super simple bath mat that can be customized for your recipient. It’s even — gasp — suitable to give a guy.


Better yet, all it takes is a towel from the sale bin, plus a yard and a half of flannel, to make TWO.

Note: If you wish to share this tutorial, please repost one photo and link back to this original post. Do not repost the entire text and pictures. Thank you!

Wash and dry your towel and fabric on high settings, to get maximum shrinkage.


If your towel has woven band near the ends, you’ll see how much it shrinks! Cut off the bands, then cut the remaining towel in half. Cut flannel the same size as your towel pieces, then pin one piece of each right sides together.


With a good half inch seam allowance, stitch around the edge, leaving about 8″ unstitched in the middle of one long side. Tip: to avoid accidentally sewing the gap closed, mark start and finish points with two pins.


If you want to, round the corners as you sew, then trim the fabric back to match the rest of your seam allowance. If not, clip your corners. Turn right side out.


Version 1: stand on the mat and trace around your feet with chalk or a soluble marker.


Using six strands of embroidery thread, outline the feet in running stitch. To start, knot the end of the thread then insert the needle between the two layers, through the still-open gap. This way the knot will be in the inside of the mat. Finish off in the same way.


Version 2: with chalk or soluble marker, draw lines at the quarter, half, and three-quarter marks, going from top to bottom of the mat. Thread a needle with strong thread (I used Coats Button and Carpet thread).


Sew a row of running stitch along each line. Again, place your start and finish knots on the inside of the mat, between the two layers.


Close the opening with ladder stitch.


Optional: increase your stitch length and top stitch all around.

Then vacuum your floor and sewing machine to get rid of all the toweling fuzz!


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  1. Elizabeth

     /  January 27, 2014

    Love it!!!


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