cute little covered notebooks

Something weird happens to me in December. After the big push to get gifts made, wrapped, and in the mail to Australia early in the month, you’d think I’d breathe a big sigh of relief and step away from the sewing machine and paints. Maybe read a big book, or spend my weekends outdoors.

But no, I always feel like I’m all fired up for makin’ and just getting started. I look at the birthday list for next year, stalk Pinterest, and start plotting. I’ve got ten days off work, and I suspect most will be spent right here in my treehouse.

Soon I’ll show the gifts I sent to loved ones, but today I want to share yesterday’s project: covered mini composition books.

Mini composition book covers

I used the template found here. Before you start, be warned: not all mini composition books are exactly the same size. I bought some from both CVS (square corners) and Staples (round corners).


The Staples versions, while claiming to be 4-1/2″ x 3-1/4″, vary in size. Some are clearly a full sixteenth of an inch wider, and do not fit the template. To make these work, you’d need to draw a revised template adding 1/16th inch to both the front and back panels. (Me, I’m just going to give my 10 Staples books to one of the many friendly printers I know, and get them trimmed down to size on an industrial guillotine before proceeding.)

Mini composition book covers

For the light blue covers, I wasn’t fond of the color of my card stock, so I gave them a wash with dark blue watercolor before assembly. These are now my favourites.


For the string, I made a twisted cord with doubled Coats Button and Carpet thread. For the off-white nameplates, I printed a pale beige tint over a sheet of address labels, and hand cut them to size before drawing on the border. Imperfect? Yep, and that’s how I like it.


I’m not one to get all squealy over little cute things, but I do think these are freaking adorable while being useful. The perfect little gift for workmates, methinks.

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  1. I think they are wonderful! I am so not crafty..maybe I’ll try something in the new year. Merry Christmas!

  2. super cute! I adore your creativity !

  3. The perfect little gift for sisters, too, methinks.

  4. I adore mine. I keep secret secrets inside it !!


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