at long last: a dress

Wrap Dress

I’ve realized that, while I love to sew, I don’t really like sewing apparel. It’s because my size fluctuates so much; fitting is a real drag. Those dresses I made last summer? They are currently a bit, ah, snug.

Enter the knit wrap dress. It’s stretchy — duh — and it wraps … thus accommodating minor changes in girth. Back in October 2012, I tried on one of Elizabeth‘s versions of Butterick 5454, and it fit me very nicely, thank you. We have similar body shapes, though my shoulders are narrower and waist longer, I think. But really, with a pattern like this, and a busy print, who can tell? ;-)

She was sweet enough to trace off her modified pattern and send it to me. Then she was kind enough to gently nag me for a month or two, eager to see my version. I’m ashamed to say it took me many more months to finally sew this baby, and then another few weeks to buy steam-a-seam and a twin needle so I could finish the edges. And then it was too hot to wear it to work.

But today, oh yes, today! I wore the sucker! And I kinda love it.

I got half a dozen unsolicitations, and I was extremely comfortable all day long. So much so, I was inspired to spent an hour trolling the ITY knits at Michael Levine’s. Four more versions, some tights and scarves, and I reckon I have my winter work wardrobe set.

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  1. Louise

     /  September 19, 2013

    You look fabulous. Thanks for sharing your sewing journey.

  2. hashi, you look fabulous! oh, michael levines…. did you also go box diving?

  3. stunning! wrap dresses are my favorite :)

  4. Looking gorgeous my friend. I love the dress on you. I’m so excited you are gonna make more! Yeah!

  5. gina bena

     /  September 19, 2013



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