you know when you get stuck on a little detail? yeah, that.


On top of cooking for 11, I felt the overwhelming desire to make cloth napkins the night before the birthday lunch. At first I told myself I was crazy, but really, it only took an hour or so while the sweet potatoes were baking. Did anyone notice or care except for me? Probably not. But I was happy.

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  1. Every time we use the cloth napkins that you made us as our wedding present, people always notice and compliment and talk about how lovely they are so I’m sure that it was noted :)

  2. In Africa, I once spent days making white linen napkins for a dinner. On each i had painted a stylized leaf from a different plant in green dye. Dinner was late and the houseboy blamed me for the time he had spent bleaching out the “stains” from the pristine white cloth!


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