Makin' baby stuff

A four day weekend feels like about the right amount of time: for socializing, helping friends, creative pursuits, a little housework, time alone, maybe a hike, some food shopping and cooking … you know, all those weekend things. I’m nearly half way through this one, and I’m SO happy to have spent most of yesterday sewing things for my grand-babies, born and unborn.

And just so happy to live this life I have; inhabiting a beautiful part of the world, feeling loved by special people near and far, having the freedom and resources to make and do and be present in this one wild and precious life.

What are you up to? What’s rocking your world right now? What’s precious, in your life?

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  1. Spending the afternoon with you was really lovely! The rest of my day was good too – a great haircut, followed by a last-minute trip to see a friend song with a band. Tomorrow, a Sparks basketball game, a birthday party and a barbecue on Sunday.. Then, I’m going to make some art in my awesome Lady Lair, thanks to you xoxoxo!

  2. sewing, creating, laughing, and loving. You have been on my mind so much lately .
    I love this post ! JOYful….sew on Sister !


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