Mother’s Day 2013

I miss my mum

This is my seventh Mother’s Day without her.

And I miss her more each year, as my children grow and have kids of their own. Whereas once I needed mothering help, now I need advice on grandmothering.

Today K asked me to talk about her, as we drove along winding roads in the Santa Monica Mountains. I said she was petite and gentle, loving and cuddly. That she once had red hair. That she taught me to sew and spin and embroider and garden. He wanted more stories, but I don’t think the few anecdotes I shared gave him a good picture of my sweet mother.

All I know is, she is a huge part of who I am.

Miss you, mama. So, so much.

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  1. She sounds like a wonderful person. This is my 9th Mother’s Day without mine and I know exactly how you feel. Warm, if a little belated, Mother’s Day wishes to you :-)

  2. I am slowly getting round to writing a tribute to my Mother. Perhaps I should start it as a blog.


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