going camping!

Me + guy + dog are going camping this weekend! We’re off to Death Valley, with loose plans to check out some of the many ghost towns in the vicinity. And cook delicious meals over open fires. And sing a lot of songs.

I can’t wait.

[My close friends (I’m looking at you, Lola & sister) will recognize my scrappy picnic blanket, now getting pretty bedraggled, but still much-loved.]

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  1. you guys (and your dog) are camping in death valley? i bet PETA might have something to say about that :)
    but seriously, last time i wandered ’round that way, it didn’t seem like much of a camping spot. did i miss something?

    • I’ll report back after the weekend, but our research shows there are many campgrounds within the national park. We’re aiming to stay in one at high elevation, with actual tree cover.

      But yeah, it’s basically desert out there. :-/

  2. I noticed immediately :) I LOVE that blanket! Have a wonderful time… Take pics with a red filter and you may get some ghosts.


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