I’m grappling with the fact that, although I am happy with someone else, I hate to hear that he is happy with her. Does that make me a vindictive bitch?

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  1. Lo

     /  April 1, 2013

    No it doesn’t. But be careful. You have a good thing.. And he isn’t REALLY happy with her because he’s never really happy. Don’t be fooled. Hang on to what you have & let the rest go.

  2. Probably, after all you married him, he married you, but enjoy what you have and try to move on.

  3. gina saavedra

     /  April 2, 2013

    Hon, I’ve had a lot of conversations with that man. He doesn’t know what happy is. He’s never really happy.

    He’s also in a place in life that he needs less than he did. So he’s easier to make happy. Although, see first thought, I don’t believe he really is.

  4. redhedphotogIrl

     /  April 2, 2013

    No, it makes you human. You do need to find a way to forgive him and let it go, though (something I’m still grappling with myself…). Love to you.

  5. I know – so tender the heart – for whom every moment is always, it does not know something was in the past, it is not logical, it can hold so many truths all at the same time. . .
    All I know to do is to rub my hands together to make my skin as soft and warm as possible, reach in and cup my caring hands around it and say “yes” and “there there” and “I’m here” and breath in, breath out.

  6. There will always be these contradictory feelings. Always. Live in the moment with your new guy. :) Love always. E

  7. Nope, it makes you perfectly normal.


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