what a year

January 1, 2012, was for sure the lowest day of my year. Because of a major life change, I closed my old blog and started this one. With a few notable exceptions, things have looked up ever since. Here’s the year in review.

Charlie @ 80

In mid January, I flew to Australia to celebrate my Dad’s 80th, along with every one of his children, grand children, and great grand children. Special? Yep.

View from my bed

When I got back, I moved into my Topanga treehouse. I have never loved a home more. I’d been saying for 15 years that I should live in Topanga; I don’t know what took me so long!

march 12

In March I cut my hair really short (as women do, after breakups). I also spent the entire month back in the conjugal home, caring for L, while her dad was working out of town. It was weird to go back so soon after leaving. A very odd month, it was. It culminated with an awesome adventure with L. in Lake Tahoe.


In April I went to New Orleans for the first time. I met a blog friend. I drank hurricanes. I held a (baby) alligator. I taught at a conference, and liked it.

Goofy Dave

May was friendship month. I joined Mensa, and met Annette. Louise came to visit. So did David. I joined a bunch of Meetups, and hiked a lot. And spent a night in the ER with L.

How to unwind

I spent a lot of time outdoors in June. I had a pre-melanoma cut out of my back. And I met a guy while giving blood, who asked me out. We had a few dates, and it was nice. Nothing came of it, but it made me realize that I might just be ready for a relationship.

Leaping off the Bridge to Nowhere

In July I finally visited the Bridge to Nowhere. I met a bunch of Topanga neighbours, and made three dresses. I smiled a lot.

Sunrise, Joshua Tree

In August I went to both San Antonio and Joshua Tree. Good times, good times.

boy and dog 1974

In September, I met a Malibu man. With a dog. I’m thinking he’s a keeper. And the dog? Well, she’s a keeper too.

full moon rise over Colorado River

In October I spent time in Ojai and Picacho. In between, Elizabeth came to visit. Happy times.


November saw me at my sewing machine, crafting Christmas gifts galore, which I mostly failed to photograph. In between, I enjoyed a lot of Malibu sunsets, and shared many delicious meals. Really, does it get much better than that?


December brought an unscheduled visit DownUnder to bury a kind-souled tragic-eyed brother. My heart aches for him. But the year ended on a sweet note, enjoying fine food and laughter with friends, and exploring the central coast with my guy and his dog (blog post on this subject to follow.)

Without a doubt, I’m ending the year in a much happier place than I started it. My one little word for 2012 was healthy, and by every indication (weight, strength, emotions — ok maybe not financial) I’m healthier now.

Here’s to a great 2013.

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  1. Lola

     /  January 1, 2013

    You held a baby alligator??? I love you! I’m happy that you’re happy xoxo

  2. Sounds as if 2013 looks promising. Thinking of you.

  3. How strange that it’s quite the opposite for me. The year began so well, with Dad’s birthday celebrations. And ended with such heaviness in my heart that I wonder if it will ever again be as it was.

  4. Happy New Year, Hashi!

  5. What a lovely evolution! My 2012 was wonderful too – amazing actually – the Dragon was very kind to me. On its way out though I’ve been a bit tossed about by its scary big tail. I hope more blessings will come of the challenges 2013 has dished up so far. Hoping yours continues on more smoothly.

  6. What’s your word for the year for 2013?


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