warm fuzzies

Making #Christmas cards. Having fun with white pen and puff paint.

Last year I bailed on Christmas. No gifts, no cards, no crackers, no silly hats, no guests.

I missed it.

This year, I’m not sure where I’ll land for Christmas. I don’t have the space to entertain (or even put up a tree), and I don’t have a family here. I really love to host the day, but this year I’ll no doubt be a guest somewhere, which can be equally lovely (I suppose … I am unpracticed at this!)

However, I DO have a sewing machine, so I’ve been “elving” away here for a few weeks, in every available spare moment. And this weekend I got started on the cards. Fun.

As an atheist minimalist non-consumer who can’t stand Christmas carols, I’m not quite sure why I like this celebration so much.

Maybe it’s because Australians don’t have Thanksgiving; Christmas is our designated time of the year to draw close to loved ones and share warm fuzzies.

Maybe it’s because of a childhood of happy memories, despite the traumatic betrayal.

Maybe it’s just because I love sparkly lights.

Do I need a reason? Maybe not.

Are you into Christmas? Why/why not?

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