no regrets

Feeling so good right now :-)

Cleanse, tone and moisturize. That’s what the magazines told me (when I read them in my teens and twenties — I’m assuming they still sing the same song).

Slip, slop, slap. That’s what the Australian PSAs, with their catchy jingle, have said for decades.

I’ve pretty much ignored both messages. My ‘beauty regimen’ consists of an evening wipe of olive oil on the eyelids to remove the scant makeup, and a morning shower lather with Cetaphil. I spend time outdoors every day, without sunscreen, only protected by sunglasses and a baseball cap.

Maybe if I’d cleansed, and toned, and moisturized, and sunscreened all my life, I would have a peaches and cream, wrinkle-free, complexion. But it’s too late now. Sun damage is forever, and I can’t turn back the clock. I’m 52, and while some people tell me I look much younger, my skin is certainly ageing. And I’m totally OK with that.

One day, I may look like this. Actually, I aspire to this level of joy and comfort. For in the words of The Cat Empire:

I’m gonna die with a twinkle in my eye, ’cause I’ve sung songs, spun stories, laughed, loved, and drunk wine.

And I certainly won’t die from Vitamin D deficiency.

How about you? What’s a decision you’ve waited too long to make? And are you OK with that?

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  1. I think aging and ugliness are in the same vein, what’s on the inside matters far more than what’s on the outside.


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