feeling gifty

Thinking about gifts

I used to be known for my handmade gifts, but in the past two years I’ve really slacked off. Part of that was the upheaval in my personal life, and partly it was because I just didn’t want to be filling the world with stuff. As I pared down my own possessions, I became reluctant to give things to the people I love. Experiences, sure. But tangible possessions? Not so much.

But now, for some unknown reason, I’m feeling inspired to make stuff. Gifts. So place your orders, family, and I’ll see what I can do. Christmas is a-comin’.

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  1. I too have been pairing down and giving gifts of ME lol I HATE STUFF well until you see my home filled with memories :)

    I love learning to make things using things that are thrown away daily (GLASS) cut or bust up heat up and make new again is my hope though now my new addiction to Polymer :( I will add it to rescued items and make new again.

    Can’t wait to see what you WHIP UP



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