sometimes i just can’t help it

Working from home #wfh #topanga #treehouse
Working from home in my Topanga treehouse.

Back in January, when I suddenly and unexpectedly needed to find a new home, the easiest thing would have been back to my friend’s house in Inglewood. But that place was no longer available, so I made the decision to move to Topanga, a place my heart had long been telling me was home.

I’ve now been here nine months, and have not for one second regretted the move to a ‘bohemian enclave’.

Except maybe for a few minutes the day I was eating at Abuelita’s. At the next table, young hippie parents were asking their 4- or 5-yr-old son to describe his life before birth, before he chose them as his parents. Behind their backs, I was rolling my eyes.

He didn’t get the question. They pressed him.
“When you were in mommy’s tummy, what was it like?”
“Um, dark?” he ventured as a possibly acceptable answer, and I almost laughed aloud, happy that he was too young and honest to just make up crap to assuage his parents.

Question: Do you eavesdrop on people in public places? Sometimes it’s so amusing!

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  1. Lola

     /  October 22, 2012

    Ha! Gotta love hippies. I guess it comes with the territory. I eavesdrop in public places ALL the time! I enjoy it actually. The only place that I don’t always have theist fun is at an airport. Sometimes that’s sad. Other than that staring (people watching-gone overboard) and eavesdropping are fun indeed!

  2. mookie

     /  October 22, 2012

    Hell YES!

  3. sometimes by accident, not intentionally :D and yeah the parents seem funny i was laughing too.

  4. rolled my eyes with you… hehehe.. i do that too when i’m out and about… cant help it if they are talking loud enough to be heard… :)


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