ocean breeze, eucalyptus trees

Kiama Sunrise v2
Photo by Toma Iakopo.

I am sensitive to smells (and noise). I can’t abide incense or strong cologne or that fake cinnamon scent that’s sprayed on pine cones sold in the supermarket at the end of the year (gag).

But there are certain scents I adore.

For example, I love the salty smell of the ocean. When I was a kid, we used to go camping at Kiama every summer. We’d drive north east from Canberra, through Goulburn, then take the Illawarra Hwy up and over Macquarie Pass. There was a point on the eastern side of the range when the ocean breeze would hit us. We’d have the windows down and we’d all inhale that briny promise of summer days to come. Ahhhhh.

And then there’s eucalyptus. Although I’m 8,000 miles from my native land, I’m lucky that gum trees flourish here in Southern California. When I walk through a stand of eucalypts on a summer day, I stop and inhale deeply, and I can almost hear the kookaburras laughing.

What’s your favourite smell, and what does it make you think of?

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  1. gina

     /  October 19, 2012

    I don’t like the smell of dirt, jasmine, vegas or wyoming.

    I love the smell of jet fuel, dirty tracks w burnt rubber, the air in Los Angeles when it first gets cooler (christmas), childrens toys when they artifiically make them smell of strawberries, bubble gum medicine, coffee, babies, the ocean, wooden fishing boats, men who eat bacon, old books, the stale recycled air on planes, painted wood (school), unfinshed wood (dance studios), babies,

  2. I am highly sensitive to fragrances, all kinds, they make me very sick with migraines, nausea, sinus pressure and can be down for a couple of days from just a whiff. Even some flowers make me ill (lavender, gardenia…)
    But I love the smell of being in nature just after it has rained!

    Your photo is beautiful!

  3. And so you did. Aren’t they gross. I too am sensitive to perfumes and other scents but love the natural outdoor scents. Like cut grass, the air after a good rain….

  4. Pine trees in the warm sun is my favorite smell. It reminds me of the long walks I took in the woods as a young girl.


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