are you bored yet?

Sunset over Judie's

Maybe my never-ending sunset photos have you yawning. I’m not sure how many ways I can tell you that mylifedoesnotsuck and iliveinabeautifulplace without it sounding tedious.

Where’s the angst? Where’s the conflict? OK, I introduced a little angst in yesterday’s post. But really, I’m just feeling pretty mellow these days.

Sorry if that’s boring.

I did go to K’s to watch the first Presidential debate tonight, but kept jumping up to check on the kale chips (baking in the oven) and the sunset (doing its own glorious thing outside, oblivious to American politics.)

Basically, I’m choosing peace these days.

Yeah, I’m still a hippie-chick at heart. And that feels good.

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  1. Did you get sick of my sunsets? Because I felt the exact same way.

  2. I feel the same way about my spiders!! Don’t worry, we’re far from bored!

  3. bored? Of sunsets??? Are you mad? ;) I could never get bored of sunsets they are beautiful – and you have captured some great ones in your posts


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