i’m not a dog person. so why am i spending so much time with a dog?


I’m really not a dog person. I don’t want to be jumped on, licked, or humped, without invitation. Dog are smelly. They’re needy. They’re noisy. They’re chaotic and messy. They don’t bury their poop.

I’m not really into chaos, noise, mess and poop. It’s not that I’m a crazy neat freak or anything. My desk is usually somewhat messy. It’s just that dogs impose so much, you know? I have boundaries that dogs simply don’t understand or care about.

Yes, yes, I understand that dogs have their own particular joys. Just like babies (which, it must be admitted, can be far more obnoxious than dogs, and I went ahead and had THREE of them). Man’s best friend, unconditional love, keeping the coyotes at bay, whatever.

Fine for you. I’m just not a dog person.

So what would happen, hypothetically, if I were to meet and quite like a dog guy? Would I let the dog be a deal breaker? If all else were promising, I’d be nuts to let the dog decide things, right?

But what if the dog were a burly, boisterous mid-sized canine who loves to jump and lick and bark? A dog that definitely doesn’t give a fig about my boundaries?

Would I get all uptight about it? Or would my growing affection for Mr Dog Guy allow those boundaries to soften? Would I perhaps start to embrace the noise and chaos? Start to relax into the exuberance and lickiness?

Stay tuned.

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  1. Lola

     /  October 1, 2012

    Hypothetically speaking! It’s a red flag. There are plenty of guys who don’t have dogs and I love mine enough to say that it may eventually be a deal breaker for him.

    • Hypothetically, interesting :-) <3
      A deal breaker for HIM? Do you mean because I have some reticence about the dog? It’s a ‘love me, love my dog’ kind of thing? Please expound.

      • Lola

         /  December 25, 2012

        As we search for our matches, it’s important to remain in touch with our values. The dog person isn’t going to reverse their position so it is naive to think that this will not become a bone of contention in some way – the licks on the mouth, the jumping, the neediness.. If they aren’t for you, why subject the relationship to that negativity? If its not your thing, why settle? Cats can be – for the most part – ignored, but dogs cannot. They are children always. They don’t choose who they are with but we humans do.

  2. mook

     /  October 2, 2012

    dog shaming…..hahahaha

  3. gina

     /  October 2, 2012

    I’m not a dog person. You’ve already explained why, perfectly. But I often find myself with men who do. It makes sense. Easy-going men who want love of course have a dog. All the qualities a woman might want, are the qualities that bring them to connect with a dog.

    I go w it, I secretly cringe whenever I sit down but I drawn the line Hashi, I draw the line at having them in the room during sex. I swear dogs know! And worse I believe they are affected. I leave you with that.

    And this… Wanna get Little Cafe soon?

  4. I agree with Lola. If you can’t get on board with the dog, it will definitely be a deal breaker for the man. I agree with all you said about dogs too. I am firmly a cat person. But I want to hear about this man. More please! call me.

  5. redhedphotogirl

     /  October 2, 2012

    I have hope. And dogs can be trained to not jump and not bark and not do all those awful things that some of them do – but only if the owner is willing to do so… I seem to be one of a those dog owners who know that there are those out there who hate those things so I trained my dog to not do them.

  6. Did my dogs do that to you??

  7. Don’t lose hope. There are really nice guys out there who don’t like dogs. I’m married to one and my best male friend is firmly in the no dogs allowed camp too. Even if you get over the licking, humping and poop, they still smell. If the guy doesn’t bathe the dog regularly… not nice.

  8. I just love your style.

  9. Lisa

     /  December 25, 2012

    I married a dog guy 28 years ago and he had a really cool dog that I loved. Didn’t realize that all dogs are not the same and didn’t realize that I was not a dog person who was marrying a dog person. Dog #1 died while we had an 8 mo. old baby. I said that I didn’t want another dog during baby time. He brought home a puppy that I didn’t bond with. 7-8 yrs later, that dog ran off. Me: no more dogs please- he brought home another puppy. Note: he works at a golf course and takes the dog to work everyday. Dog gets all dirty and dirties up the house, etc. After this dog got old and started biting (including my best friend and it required stitches) we finally put him down. This time I made my point which was NO MORE DOGS_PERIOD. He doesn’t get it. He has always had a dog. My point is that there are very few people who get me! They all try to get me to ‘let him have a dog’. I am so happy not having one and I ain’t budging. Again, it’s my turn!

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