i’m cooking again

Beet, avocado and pear salad.

After eight years of cooking daily for a family, and an intensive year (2009) of feeding weekly dinner guests, I found myself single and not very hungry. On work days, a cheap and delicious cafeteria salad sufficed as the main meal. Scrambled eggs or a Lära bar got me through the evenings. Cooking just seemed too much bother.

But now, I’m cooking again. A new, appreciative audience helps. Because no matter how much I like the experience of preparing a meal (and I do, I really love it), I just don’t feel the impetus to plan and shop and chop and sauté if it’s just me to eat it. I know I am not alone in this. There are millions of you out there who agree. No matter how much you love to cook, you slack off when it’s just you … right?

So yeah, it’s good to be cooking again.

Old friends, you are invited for dinner. Call me, and we’ll set up a date.

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  1. I tell my boyfriend all the time I would loose 2 lbs each and every week if I was single as I never make a meal without thinking of him. lol I will spend an hour making a reg. weekday meal for us, place it on the table and if it were not for him saying how good supper was I do not think I would bother :). I would live on all the healthy stuff if I were alone as I love foraging through the garden then again he tills it for me :)

    Happy to hear you are once again happily cooking once again :)

  2. I would walk to your dinner.
    To be with you.
    To eat with you.
    To drink with you.

  3. Be right there.

  4. redhedphotogirl

     /  September 21, 2012

    I loved the Year of Feeding. You brought so many new cool people into my life by doing that (including yourself) and I’m grateful. I’m glad you’re back to cooking again because you’re really, really good at it.


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