i can be a badass (in a good way)


Tonight my friend Evie shared her list of things she’s learned (this past week) on summer vacation. Which got me thinking about the things I’ve learned lately. Which got me art journaling.

Re the last point:

At CrossFit, ‘badass’ is a compliment. It means tough & strong. It means you strive hard, and push yourself, and break through your barriers. That’s what I’ve been doing, in my ‘protecting my knee’/’I’m 50 not 20’ fashion.

So when I just googled the term and found definitions ranging from ‘ultra-cool motherfucker’ to ‘a tough, aggressive, or uncooperative person’ (neither of which I am) I wondered if this was a label I wanted to adopt.

But when I think back to last night, and the hardest workout of my life, and the high-fives and encouragement from the kids decades younger than me, I know … yeah. I can be a badass.

And it feels fucking fantastic.

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  1. You are totally badass. The good kind. Love it!

  2. You are absolutely a badass and you should totally love it. I’m not quite badass yet, but I know I’ll get there :)

  3. amen. one of the many things I love about crossfit is all the bad words. they seem so appropriate at the box. like I told my gym peeps the other day, I only use the f bomb mid-WOD. well, that’s not entirely true, but it’s my favorite time to use that word.

  4. redhedphotogirl

     /  September 21, 2012

    I think you’re a badass simply because you’ve taken the lemons and made super-awesome lemonade.


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