now i can die happy


I mentioned a few weeks ago that my response to seeing the Perseids was, “OK, now I can die happy.”

And just last week I pondered what my initial thoughts might have been if I, instead of Neil Armstrong, first walked on the moon. I suspect they might have been something along the same line.

Which has got me thinking … what would it take to end every day with that thought?

What choices would I make?
What people would I love?
What burdens would I drop?
What simplifications would I make?
What thoughts would I cultivate?
What promises would I keep?
What forgiveness would I ask?
What gifts would I give?

If your goal was to die happy tonight, what would you do today?

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1 Comment

  1. my happy cup already runneth over, but if I could ask one more thing, I would spend the afternoon with my son, at the beach. Just him, and me.


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