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I went to San Antonio to teach at a conference, and ended up with a lot of free time. It was some kind of wonderful, because one of my favourite people lives there. So, less than three months since we last saw each other, David and I got to hang out again. Which, on the average frequency of our contacts over the last 21 years, is an amazingly short time between meetings.

Me and David at Mission San José, San Antonio

We ate and drank, of course. We also visited an art museum, and saw some really good stuff. (Particularly loved A Century of Collage.)

We went to a drum circle, and I took my first hand-drumming lesson (which I really, really loved — wish I had a pic).

Mission Concepción, San Antonio

We went to a couple of missions. And snuck into an abandoned seminary (the door was ajar, OK?).

David and I snuck into an abandoned building -- a seminary -- near the mission. Inside, we found this crumpled note. Oops, too late!

Inside we found this crumpled note. Oops! Too late!

We also talked for hours, and watched toads mating, and played with his cat, and composed fridge magnet poetry … and … and … yeah. It was good.

Poem by David.

Devour dessert
Poem by me.

For more of David’s (less chaste) fridge poetry, click here.

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  1. This is fun, Hashi! I love drumming! There’s a full moon drum circle coming up soon where I’m at that I hope to go to!

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