choose happiness

I was invited to spend the evening with girlfriends, but I knew I needed to spend it alone.


I have given away some personal power this week, waiting for phone calls. Tonight was my night to get back into my own self-sufficiency, to remind myself that everything is totally OK, just as it is. That I am more than fine. Me. Alone. Fine.


I was nearly back home from my hill climb, when my next door neighbour’s labrador pup wriggled under the fence to love on me. Which led to a shared bottle of wine with MB, and then an invitation to contribute to the community art project in his back room. Sharpies and paints were offered.


Of course I partook, enthusiastically.


Choose happiness? Yes.

Me too.

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  1. mook

     /  July 14, 2012

    love the art project
    of course you joined right in, expect nothing less.
    my mantra these days is relax
    you are enough
    you have enough
    you do enough


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