soccer + beer + rattlesnakes

Since meeting Keifer, I’ve been sallying forth most evenings in a desire to connect with more of my neighbours.

The other night I met Charles Accardi, who let his icecream melt while we chatted by his car. He wants to see my art. Um, OK.

I’ve also been picking up hitchhikers in the canyon. That’s how I met Kai and Nathan.

Tonight I followed sounds of youthful joy to a game of “double football”, played on a side street by three generations. A round ball was being kicked, while an ovoid ball was simultaneously thrown. I joined in for a few minutes (not sure of the rules) until the patriarch ushered me up the adjacent stairs to meet his wife and give me a beer.

Sylvia and John

Meet Sylvia (from Guatemala) and John (from Malta), Topanga residents for 35 years. We talked about geography and bridges and World War II and rattlesnakes.

The snakes seem to be a recurring theme.

The view from John and Sylvia's

But then, so is the happiness for living in this awesome place. Have I mentioned lately how much I love it here?

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  1. Lola

     /  July 8, 2012

    I don’t like the hitchhiker part. They could lie about where they’re from. And there can be killers in your utopia – not to be a buzz kill but it’s true. Other than that, YAY!

  2. Be careful with the hitchhikers, you dont want to end up as someones skin suit! Otherwise, I am REALLY enjoying the journey you are taking us on around your new digs. You are really living my dream. I think I will come and live with you … okay? :-)


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