we only get one body. so treat it right.

Getting ready for my lunchtime walk. I wear this #hat nearly every day when I spend time outdoors. I've had it for years; those who know me are familiar with it!

I’m considering upping the ante on my exercise routine. I walk nearly every day, usually at least 3 miles (5k). I do pushups and crunches. Every now and then I dance for 2 hours straight. Sometimes I do a Tabata 4 Minute Workout.

I am incredibly grateful for the health I enjoy. No chronic disease. No congenital defects. But I want to get stronger. More toned. Tighter. I’m leaning towards this. I even bought a gallon jug of water tonight to use for the dumbbell rows.

Now that my time is my own, I can commit to whatever I want. And along with a peaceful soul, I want to commit to the healthiest body I can manage. Because it’s very very apparent to me that this is the only one I’m going to get. You young whippersnappers out there (who, at some level, believe you are immortal) don’t realize it yet. But it’s true. We only get one bod. And there is NOTHING else that we truly own, except this body. Everything else is borrowed, or an illusion, or irrelevant.

So yeah. Bodyweight exercises. It feels like the next thing for me.

What’s the next thing in YOUR journey to optimal health?
(If you smoke, please tell me it’s giving up smoking.)

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  1. can I suggest you watch “Forks over Knives”? It changed my life and my health. Oh, and read the China Study… the most comprehensive study ever undertaken on health and nutrition. It seriously rocked my world. Its started for me a whole questioning of the things I thought to be right, vs the truth. Loving that you are loving yourself first. Everything else will fall into place. xx


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