call me an ostrich

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There has been so much horrible news lately. What’s with all the cannibal attacks? And dismemberment? So very disturbing. And then there’s Houla. How can such a world exist?

It’s too much. Call me an ostrich, but I don’t want to know about it. I need beauty, as an antidote to the craziness. Give me the deep ruffles of a pink peony. Please.

I’ve got something to say
And I thought it might be worth a mention
If you’re not pissed off at the world
Then you’re just not paying attention
You can turn off the TV
And go about your day
But just ‘cos you don’t see it
It don’t mean it’s gone away.
— Kasey Chambers, Ignorance

I know that bad stuff doesn’t go away, just because I ignore it. But for my own sanity and happiness, I have to.

When I was young, I was an activist. I am immensely grateful that others continue the fight to right injustice, but it just doesn’t feel like my calling anymore.

Sometimes I feel I’m copping out, “seeking peace and prosperity among the selvedges” when there is so much suffering in the world. I’m such a privileged first world Caucasian, I make myself sick sometimes.

I’m going to go meditate. Because I have that luxury. No-one is trying to kill me. Thank heaven.

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  1. Gumboots

     /  June 5, 2012

    You are no way copping out!!! I’ve never been an activist for anything, but I’m also an ostrich.. Or an emu..

  2. Hmmm…i sometimrs wondered if my former colleagues think that i’ve “copped out” as u say.but then again ive never considered myself an activist-just blessed to have served alongside some of them
    .nowadays im content in doing no harm according to my own definition.especially when my FB is so crowded with such a diverse group of peeps…


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