so many voices. which ones do you listen to?


Oh Evie, you have steered me right today. First up I went to see your chiropractor, who is amazing. I think he will forever change the way I hold my head and shoulders. And hopefully also fix my jaw, because I am so so tired of the chronic pain. I am ready for healing, and he has given me hope.

While we were (very closely, but therapeutically) embracing, I asked if I could take him home with me. I may have even moaned a little. He very professionally said that yes, he does house calls, for a fee. I am sure he has women moaning in his arms every day (he’s that good). I will be going back for sure. In four days, actually.

Then this afternoon I finally visited Malibu Wines, also at my sweet friend’s recommendation. What a lovely place to spend a summer afternoon.

They opened six years ago, so why has it taken me so long to get there? Oh yeah, maybe because J doesn’t drink wine. I learned that fact on our first date. My immediate thought was, “Oh, this isn’t going to work.” I should have listened to myself. Maybe next time I date someone new, I will pay attention to these gut reactions.

What suggestions have you listened to lately? Were you pleased you did? On the other hand, what intuition did you stuff down and ignore? How did that work out?

How do you know if it’s fear or love that’s talking? Where’s the line between believing your internal critic, and opening up to possibility of awesomeness?

And yes, those are a (very nice) man’s knees in the photo above. And no, it was not a date. We are just acquaintances, approaching friendship :-)

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  1. Thats the second new/old guy friend this week.. Im just saying!

  2. Ugh, words of wisdom. Always listen to your initial assessments. Always!

  3. redhedphotogirl

     /  June 17, 2012

    Every single time I have ignored my inner voice, it has come back to haunt me. Always listen. Always. XO

  1. end of summer check in « such wild love

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