eventually you stop caring

There's light at the end

I sat next to J at L’s dance show.

His first ex came over to chat. They discussed L’s grades and how The Boy’s doing. And I thought, “These are not my people.” I felt zero emotional investment.

Each day it’s easier. I don’t love him anymore. I don’t even really like him. I mean, he’s nice and all. But I just … don’t care.

This is how it goes when relationships end. It takes time, but eventually you stop caring what the other person is doing with their life. It just ceases to be of much interest.

I left the show early, right before they danced to our wedding song. The song he subsequently sang and recorded as a gift for the chicky-babe. It was just going to be too weird to sit beside him through that number.

So I’m not impervious yet. But the light’s leaking in from the end of the tunnel. Every day my path — MY path — is brighter.

I’m so glad.

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  1. I know what you mean. It does happen and that’s a good thing.

  2. This makes me happy to hear – and that photo is beautiful!

  3. Yay! Love you mum.


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