really? only one percent on fun?


I tracked my every penny in May, and it was very interesting.
It was not, I hope, a typical month.
• I spent way too much on car repairs.
• I bought new clothes and shoes (“personal care”) because of my shrinking body and the change of seasons.

My categories are perhaps a little arbitrary. But I was a bit dismayed to see that I only spent 1% of my income on fun stuff.

“FUN” includes:
Art/Craft Supplies
Kindle App

I note that I put dance class in the health/fitness category, even though it is definitely fun. So perhaps I am cheating here. But yeah, 1% only? That seems like a sad imbalance in favour of vehicle and rent costs.

I’m going to continue to track, in the hopes that things even out over time. But in the meantime, I am grateful (OH SO GRATEFUL!) for a nice income and Apple’s Numbers with which to make cute charts.

Also for the handy devices on which to run the apps. And to J, who has kept me supplied with free Apple products for the past 8 years.

I really am incredibly privileged. And I hope to never, ever forget that. While I figure out how to spend less on boring stuff, and more on fun.

Do you track? Do you save? Do you care?

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  1. To be fair, you do a lot of free fun stuff like hiking and visiting with friends… I’m just saying…

    • Lola, you are absolutely right. Most of the things I find fun, don’t cost any money. It’s not that I want to spend more $$ on fun, I just want to spend less on car repairs, and thus the percentages will change.

  2. I want to track! But I never seem to get around to it…. I guess I need Numbers lol

    • Rhea, I’m tracking with an app called Budget 101. Fast and easy. I just used Numbers to make the pie graph at the end of the month :-)


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