guy. friend.

With David

David and I go way back. Way back to a day in 1991 when I picked him up from a bus station in Surfers Paradise. He climbed into the front of my white Kombi and I thought, “Wow. He’s hot.”

He was travelling the world, and had reached out to his network in the pre-internet version of couchsurfing. As friends of a friend of a friend, my then-husband and I had volunteered our couch to him for five nights. Without a doubt, this visit changed my life forever.

I’ll leave out the part about falling madly in love with him, because that side of the story never really went anywhere. But David came to symbolize all that was good about America in my mind, and my desire to live in the US grew stronger. Six years later I moved to Los Angeles. Fifteen years after that, I’m still here.

We don’t see each other often (he’s nearly always lived elsewhere), and there’s usually others around when we do. But last night we had a couple of hours, just the two of us, and it was so nice.

I recently commented on this blog that I need more guy friends.
Well, I certainly have one.
I just wish we could hang out more often.

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  1. Sounds like a great time had by both of you. Lucky you!

  2. david

     /  July 12, 2012

    (Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t read this until now.) Well, thank you for those kind words.

    I’m glad you moved to the US. I want more people like you to be citizens of my country.

    I’m glad our history includes a flash of passion. It enriches the friendship, to me. I’ve never understood people who can’t be friends with ex-lovers. (Probably not the most apropos comment for you at the moment.)

    I’m glad we had some one-on-one time…it was so nice! I, too, wish we could do it more often.

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