meringue #2

I was pretty happy with my clever idea of ditching the facings and making a full lining for Meringue #2. I cut out the lining from teal dupioni silk, and was feeling mighty pleased with myself, humming away, and feeling sorry for the poor people who don’t have such great ideas.

But before I stitched the layers together (should I start at the waist, or at the scallops?) I thought I might just do a leetle bit more research.

People, there’s a reason why linings usually hang loosely, and do not merely duplicate the outer garment. Brighter minds than mine figured it out a long time ago. Scruffy Badger talks about how the two fabrics behave differently, and one will tend to bag and pool. Lisa G. solved this problem by topstitching the scallops. This only worked because she added a waistband, and I didn’t want to do that.

I also realized that my dupioni silk was not a suitable lining material; it would cling like crazy to my tights, if I were to wear them. So I decided that it was better to bail out now, and abandon my less-than-brilliant plan. I cut a new lining out of taffeta, as well as the requisite facings out of the main fabric, and proceeded using Sanne’s method.

You’ll notice in the pic above that the points of the scallops are still a bit puckered. I followed Sherilyn‘s advice and reduced my stitch length to 1.4mm. At the point, I backstitched and then made one horizontal stitch. I trimmed the scallops to about 3mm then slashed to the point with an exacto knife. But they’re still not perfect. Meh.

The other thing I see from the above photo is that the fit is kinda crap. I should have taken that 2″ back out of the waist. The skirt sits too low on my hips now, and the darts aren’t providing shaping in the right place.

I’m also fixated on the visible hem line. My dislike of this was the impetus to use a full lining.

So what have I ended up with? Two skirts that don’t fit very well and have features that bug me. While I wouldn’t exactly call it a ‘fail’, I am ready to move on.

But hey, cute shoes, right?

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  1. akismet-21b053fec805c8711a1f608da8cdd26a

     /  March 24, 2012

    Sorry, I should have pointed you to this tutorial in the very beginning of your journey with scallops…

    Shaping is very important to fit. It might be a good idea to use an already fitted to you skirt pattern and then add the design details of the meringue skirt to that. Just a thought…

  2. OK…cuteness all around….yellow shoes, fun skirt, and adorable haircut!
    I love ya Girlfriend!

  3. GREAT shoes! And I do love the skirt. You had me at the scallops.

  4. I wonder if you could add a button or a bow at the top of each scallop point to reduce the visible “pucker” and make it look purposeful.


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