march 20


How do you dispel sadness?

One way I do it is to seek beauty. That always seems to take me out of my miserable mind, to a place where things need no explaining or justifying, where there is no pain.

Lucky we live in such a beautiful world. Today, the sky quietly put on a show at both ends of the day. It’s hard to be sad, when gazing at this.

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  1. I create things. Creating dispels negativity.

  2. A Poem by Ryan (10 years old)
    To go on a journey
    To conquer a dark pain
    To fight the ultimate evil
    Which is right inside your brain

    • Ryan is wise beyond his years. I am really aware of how sadness lives inside my brain, and how I can change my feelings by changing my thoughts. Sometimes I just need to be distracted from the endless loop in my head; to ‘go on a journey’ to a place outside my mind. Do you feel that too, Kris?

  3. ((((Hashi))))


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