Meringue reveal

I completed my Meringue skirt yesterday. It was not without its ‘issues’.

For starters, despite very careful cutting and sewing, the waist is too big. You know that 2″ I added to the waist at the muslin stage? Yeah, that’s how much too big it is. I’m guessing it’s because linen is less sturdy than the thickish bedsheet I used for the muslin, and it grew during the making process. Does that seem likely, experienced sewists? Because although I lost a pound last week, I don’t think that equates to 2″ off the waist. So anyway, the waist gapes. You don’t need a photo; you can imagine. As a result, I won’t be wearing anything tucked in, even though this style of skirt can look really nice with something tucked in.

Then there’s those pesky scallops, which are meant to be sewn to a point. I don’t understand how you can turn the scallop and get it to sit flat without puckering unless you snip right to the VERY TIP. But my linen is a loose-ish weave, and wants to fray like crazy, so I was sure I’d develop holes there. I tried using fray check, but it left a mark. So I re-sewed the scallop shape to have four straight stitches at the top of each, instead of a point. I think two or three would have worked just as well.

It looks a little bit like a shop awning now, don’t you think? Or would you have thought that yourself, if I hadn’t suggested it?

There’s something else I don’t like about this pattern: the visible hemline. OK, so I couldn’t take a photo that showed it clearly, but believe me, it’s visible. Just do a google image search for Meringue skirt and you’ll see plenty of examples. It makes me wonder why you need a waist facing, and a scallop facing, with a gap in the middle. Why not just make two skirts and sew them together, and ditch the facings? Wouldn’t that work? I’ve googled it and haven’t found anyone else who’s tried it, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

So I’m going to try it. With a smaller waist. And a fun lining, that’ll flash a little when I sit or walk. Because I want to end up with a Meringue that I love, and this isn’t it.

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  1. you are so damn cute!!
    LOVE this skirt…and especially the way you wear it!!

  2. It’s a super cute skirt, but yes, linen is not that stable. So that’s probably why the waist grew on you. And I definitely think you could make a full lining attached at bottom and top to fix the facing issues you encountered. Great fix! I love the color on you. You definitely have lost weight. Wow! Tell me your secret!

    • Elizabeth, I gave up grains. Plus the usual ELEM (eat less exercise more, but not in a crazy way). Really, the key was the grains. My workplace is a veritable cornucopia of free carbs, but now I don’t even have to ask myself if I’ll have one of those cookies/muffins/bagels/sandwiches/cupcakes. Because I don’t eat grains, so the answer’s automatically no!

  3. A suggestion for your scallops: Yes, you do need to clip all the way to the tip. When you’re sewing, you can do two things that will help. First, shorten your stitch to about 1-1.5mm for about 1/2 inch before the point and 1/2 inch after. That way, you can stitch across the point for 1-2 stitches and it won’t make a flat spot. For the fabric you have, the short stitch length should work. Otherwise, you could also back stitch 1-2 stitches on either side of the point to secure it more.
    You can also interface the hem area, or at least interface about a 1.5″ wide strip right along where the tops of the scallops will be sewn, with a fusible interfacing (choose a lightweight one) which will stabilize the fabric so it won’t shred at the points.
    This can also help cushion the hem so it does not show as much.
    You could do the 2 skirts and sew them together, but it would be a bit tricky since every seam would have to be inside that way. It would be worth investigating, though.

    You can take in your side seams at the waist to take out some of that extra space that’s frustrating you so.
    Your skirt looks really nice in the picture. I’m sure your next one will be terrific!

    • Sherilyn, thank you SO much for these tips. I think all the seams inside will work; there’s a side (invisible) zip. I figure I can leave the lining open there and turn it through that hole, then hand-stitch it to the zip. Does that make sense to you?

      Sister, are you reading this? Take note of Sherilyn’s tips!

  4. Penny

     /  March 20, 2012

    Wow Hashi you look great! I think once you get what you want from the skirt it will be fine. I too wonder why the whole thing isnt lined, but then remember shrinkage when washed!

  5. Scallops look like the devil, I have been meaning to make a scalloped hem for a while. Yours looks really good!

  6. Yes, yes, I’m taking notes. I now know why I’m lagging behind – to learn from you and your helpful readers! Next weekend is scissors to fabric weekend. But tonight is fabric selection night :)


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