Meringue muslin

In preparation for the Colette Sew-Along* that my sister and I are planning, I made a muslin of the Meringue skirt. I started with size 12, shortened by 2″ so it would hit above the knee (apparently I have short thighs, because it would have ended up way below my knees). At first try, I didn’t like how high it was sitting, so I let each dart out by a half inch, adding 2″ to the waist, and letting it drop down a bit.

This meant, of course, that the size 12 waist facings were too small. But fortunately, the size 14 facings add up to being 2″ longer than the 12s, so I simply cut size 14 facings and all was well!

I suppose I could have just started with a size 14, but I am actually happy with the shallower darts. My waist is thick in relation to my hips, so the lesser decrease at the waist follows my contours better.

I’m really happy that I took the time to make a muslin. As soon as sister gets back from Fiji (lucky!) I’ll encourage her to do the same.

Now, which fabric should I use for the actual skirt? The dark grey linen? Or the mustard print?

*We plan to make all five garments from Sarai Mitnick’s book.

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  1. Oooh, use the mustard print! It’s gorgeous =D

  2. mookie

     /  March 15, 2012

    definately the mustard – so summertime

  3. I am going to be the lone dissenter, but I think the linen would be a great foil for the femininity of the scalloped edge of the skirt.

    The muslin looks great!

    • Elizabeth, I AM going to start with the grey, for two reasons (1) the mustard will need lining, and I don’t have any suitable material in my stash and (2) the grey will go with just about everything in my wardrobe. I usually wear my brights and prints on top, and my darks and neutrals on bottom, anyway. If I love it after it’s made, I’ll maybe sew up the other too. Or something else springy or summery that will go with a white tshirt or short sleeved button up shirt.

  4. I vote grey also.

  5. Having sadly left beautiful Fiji behind :( I’m ready to cut out my Meringue muslin this weekend :)

    Love the hair cut, by the way!

  1. Meringue reveal « such wild love

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