march 3


I cleaned all afternoon. L said it was the first time the floors had been washed since I moved out the first time. That was 11 months ago, people. I took a risk and washed the rug (as in carpet) that J had bought for the kitchen sink. It went through the washer and dryer just fine. If it hadn’t, I would have just replaced it with a bathmat. But I’m glad it survived.


I even swept the front path. The ice plant (or pig face, as we call it in Australia) is flowering brilliantly. Why am I cleaning like a mad woman? Because I have to live in this house for a while, and in my generosity last week, when J was feeling overwhelmed by all he had to do, I assured him that he could remove housework from his list. He did leave me a clean bathroom. For that I am grateful.


I am the beneficiary of various tickets that J bought before this Atlanta gig came along. Tonight L and I saw Spamalot in Hollywood (funny and entertaining, though far from being the best musical theatre I’ve ever seen). Before the show we dined at The Stinking Rose. Mmmmm, garlic.

And now I’m pooped. This was more action in one day than I’ve had for quite a while. I need to build up my strength for tomorrow’s Baby Lock serger class at my local fabric store. Yes, I have been invited to “a special event to introduce you to Baby Lock’s new generation of overlock machines.” I shouldn’t go, should I? I mean, there is no way I am spending thousands of dollars on a serger. Right? Right?

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  1. If you’re looking for dis-enabling re: the serger, you’ve come to the wrong place. ;)

    You are too generous Hashi. My apt needs cleaning. Wanna visit? Just kidding. I will definitely make sure my place is a place of rest for you should you ever come to visit.


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