the wedding

Tonight, Lola and Lynne exchanged vows before their loved ones, and I felt privileged to be there.

It doesn’t matter that gay marriage is not legal in CA, that they had already formed a domestic partnership, that they were already wearing rings, or that I am jaded about “forever” promises right now. What matters is that we gathered to celebrate their love and commitment.

What follows is a bunch of funky pictures and my reasons why I love them.


I love that Lola is the only one posing, and she is out of focus. That Lynne looks so severe, even though she’s not. And that Sara looks so naturally beautiful, when usually she pulls a stupid/ugly face whenever a camera is pointed her way. (Only with friends. She’s actually a model and actress and certainly knows how to play to the camera.)


Case in point: Sara pulling a stupid face. Though this is mild, compared to her “hungry constipated” face.


Our much loved ASL professor, Cindy Herbst, interpreted the ceremony. I cannot begin to tell you how much respect and admiration we (myself, Lola, Sara, Michael and many other guests tonight) hold for this woman. She has changed many people’s worlds, mine included. Cindy, you rock.


Conrad Coy, you were born four days after #felixhepburn, and you stand toe to toe in the cuteness stakes. Not that it’s a competition. I have to say I love the way you are sucking your thumb while trying to redirect the attention with that pointer finger.


It was awesome that Michael came from New York for the occasion. And that he hardly knew anyone else there, so I got to monopolize him for most of the evening :-) He, Lola, Sara and I met in the ASL Interpreter Training Program.


I love that Lola looks like she’s about to hear some really bad news. But no, all she heard was how much Lynne loves and appreciates her. Yay!

And when the vows and speeches and food were all done, I got to rock out on the dance floor! My favourite part of weddings!

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  1. Rhea

     /  February 27, 2012

    Wish I could have been there to enjoy it with all of you! I miss those people so much… Why does the world have to be so big?!

  2. hashi catching up with your posts today. so much honesty and sharing going on here i love it.. i am thinking of you sending you some mending wings energy…loving that you are still soaring regardless
    xo kt


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