moving day


You have to wait till tomorrow for photos, but tonight I just want to let you know that my new place feels so so RIGHT. J helped me move; he walked in here this morning and was gobsmacked. “Wow. WOW. This feels like YOU! It’s perfect!” I just beamed and said, “See? I told you!”

(He was slightly less enthusiastic after 79 trips up the many steep stairs.)

When everything was in, we rested, me stretched on the unmade bed, J in the computer chair, the Boy in my meditation chair. The sun streamed in through the branches of the pine tree right outside the window. We listened to a woodpecker and the Boy caught us up on what’s been happening in his world for the past few weeks. I felt every muscle un-tense.

When the guys left, I took things very slowly. I couldn’t have rushed if I tried. Much is still in crates — key furniture items (mainly my fabric cubes) could not be finagled in here so I need to figure out how to deal with fabric and art supplies. But clothes and kitchen things were gently given new homes.

This time, I do not feel bereft. This time, I feel blessed..

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  1. redhedphotogirl

     /  February 6, 2012

    This makes me so very happy. Enjoy the start of the next chapter my friend…

  2. Congrats on the new space. I can’t wait to hear of your new adventures.

  3. romina

     /  February 7, 2012

    que bello amiga! i’m so very happy to know you’re moving on…in more ways than one. i’m so proud of you. i cant wait to invite myself over (hee hee) i miss your cooking! sending you mucho, mucho amor y paz xoxox

  1. such wild love

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