look at me. i sewed something!

After what seems like many months where my sewing machine was only used for mending — opting out of Christmas presents meant it didn’t get its usual Q4 workout — I actually made something.

I used Erin Erikson’s Two Zip Hipster Bag pattern (which is very, very thorough.) The embroidered black linen was cut from a skirt thrifted long ago.

I love almost everything about this bag, except that it’s a wee bit too small. This is totally my fault. I thought I was printing out the pattern pieces at 100%, and it was only half way through the making that I realized they were reduced, by maybe 10%. I mean, each piece has the size printed on it, so I could easily have checked earlier. But nope, I just merrily started sewing. Lesson learned.

This review describes the bag as being 9 x 11″. Mine is more like 8″ x 10″. Not big enough to hold an iPad, unfortunately.

I don’t carry a lot of stuff in my bag, so I’m OK with the minimal size. Or I will be, once I get a smaller wallet.

But maybe next month I’ll make another, at the right size. For those days when I want to carry my iPad.

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  1. redhedphotogirl

     /  January 10, 2012

    super cute!! so glad the hardware worked out!!!

  2. hashi,
    this is beautiful! i am so glad we hooked up again..yes my life was sort-of turn upside down last march but I have kept my footing through it all and finally started up a new blog and fired up my etsy store again. I love your new blog. (big smile over here hashi!)
    xo katy

  3. I love it and that embroidered fabric is perfect for this project! Beautiful!

  4. Oh and creating is very healing. Isn’t it?

  5. That looks really great! Very professional with a “store bought” appearance. :-)

  1. in sewing news … « such wild love

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