last night out

Last night out with my family of nearly 8 years.
Last night out with the fam.  Sigh.
J, L & I wanted to do something together tonight. Our last Saturday night. We threw all our suggestions in the (virtual) hat, and ended up with dinner at CPK then a game of 10-pin bowling.

We tried, we really did. But it was forced, awkward. J & L sniped at each other on the way to the restaurant. We all sat at the table with our arms crossed. L disappeared to the rest room for 15 minutes. The food was good, but the mood was not.

At the bowling alley, things got a little bit lighter. But not much. Sure, we chuckled and high-fived. But one game was definitely enough.

We got home, and L went straight to bed.

At eight thirty.

She’s fourteen.

And it’s not a school night.

Oh man, this has been a strange week.

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  1. weird. I hope it was the last. Next week is bright, shiny and new. Love and hugs to you.

  2. g

     /  January 8, 2012

    You will have L over to your new place soon or visit her from Austrailia, either way, the awkward will be replaced by sincerity, consistiency and smiles. Let’s get it there soon!

  3. misty

     /  January 10, 2012

    your blog is beautiful hashi.. wish i had more time to stroll around and wander maybe even get lost in your words, photos…. maybe once my ongoing class ends i will have more time. thank you for letting me know.


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